About the Center


The Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center at Southampton Hospital educates the public, promotes collaboration in the medical community, and facilitates access to diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases.

Advisory Panel

Christine Coolidge, PhD – Psychology
George P. Dempsey, MD – Family Medicine
Ralph Gibson, MD – Internal Medicine
Alexandra Halitsky, MD – Pediatrics
Elaine Karis, MD – Rheumatology
Deborah Maile, RN, BSN – Infection Prevention
Olga McAbee, MD – Neurology
Erin McGintee, MD – Allergy
Max Minnerop, MD –  Emergency Medicine
Joseph B. Quinn, MD – Pediatrics
Gerald T. Simons, PA-C – Family Medicine
Anna-Marie Wellins, DNP – Family Medicine

We Welcome Physician/Scientist Advisors to Our Panel      

Recognizing the unique nature of our hospital-based Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center, three experts in the field have offered to serve as a resource to the Center’s Advisory Panel.  They will be available for collaboration with Panel members, educational forums, and referrals.   
From Stony Brook Medicine we welcome Lyme disease researcher and Professor of Medicine, Benjamin J. Luft, MD, and Patricia K. Coyle, MD, Professor of Neurology.   

From Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, Steven Schutzer, MD, researcher and Professor of Medicine.