Going Home

When your physician decides you are well enough to leave the Hospital, a discharge order and a discharge plan will be prepared, with recommendations for follow-up visits, medications, diet and other aspects concerning your physical and emotional health.

One of the members of your discharge-planning team may be a care management specialist who offers services and support to help reduce some of the stress you and your family may experience as a result of your illness. Our care management specialists can help make arrangements for whatever continued medical care will be necessary after your hospital stay and can make counseling service referrals to patients who are struggling with social, emotional and financial challenges resulting from their illness.

Once all of the details for leaving the Hospital have been finalized, a staff member or volunteer will take you by wheelchair to the main entrance. Your family member or friend may meet you at this location to transport you home.

To reach a care management specialist, please call 631-726-8355.