Scholarships Presented to Graduating High School Seniors

Several high school seniors were presented with scholarships at Southampton Hospital’s annual awards dinner in May. Congratulations to Emily Ciamaricone, daughter of Janet Ciamaricone, RN; Kevin Edgar, son of Kate Edgar, RN; Erica Ferreira, daughter of Karen Ferreira, Lab Support Supervisor; John Sales, son of Cindy Sales, Nursing Supervisor & Jose Sales, Environmental Services Aide; Fabienne Tavernier, daughter of Julie Tavernier, Pharmacist; and Joshaya Trotman, a member of the Shinnecock Nation.

Emily Ciamaricone and Robert Chaloner, President & CEO, Centennial Scholarship Presenter

Kevin Edgar and Carol Ahlers, Delores Zebrowski, RN Scholarship Presenter

Nancy Stone, Martin Stone, MD Scholarship Presenter and Erica Ferreira

John Sales and Vivian Lee,  Forbes Family Scholarship Presenter

Fabienne Tavernier and Margretta Anderson, Robert Holmes Scholarship Presenter

Joshaya Trotman and Rev. Michael Smith, Shinnecock Nation Scholarship Presenter