Functional Medicine

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Dr. Alex Aponte takes a different approach

to achieving optimal health.

Whether you’re feeling run down and simply cannot put your finger on what’s wrong, you’re overweight and want to get back on track, or you’re suffering from chronic illness, Dr. Alex Aponte can help. The Medical Director of the Wellness Institute, board-certified in Anti-Aging medicine, Dr. Aponte treats the cause of threats to your health, not just the symptoms. Family history, genetics, environmental toxins, emotional stressors, diet, trauma and more are assessed, and then an individualized plan for wellness is tailored just for you.

Our completely personalized approach to medicine and wellness is particularly effective for patients seeking bioidentical hormone replacement or physician supervised weight loss. It’s also effective for treating immune imbalances, digestive issues and structural complexities. Rather than focus on arriving at a single diagnosis, our team approach improves the patient’s total well-being.

Alex Aponte, MD, Diplomate of the American Board of FamilyMedicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine

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